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Mr. Mohd Moid

Experience 20 years +,
President Master Minds Educational and Welfare Society

Chairman Master Minds Technical Solutions

It gives me immense pleasure to Introduce Master Minds educational And Welfare Society

 The Engineering stream now a days is increasingly facing a serious gap between the academics and industrial requirements. The need to get additional people in and through Technical knowledge and training has never been more critical. While past generations could find employment with only a high degree or on-the-job training, it is now vital to career success for individuals to have training and education beyond degree and meet the requirement for the industry .


While there is job growth in the low-skilled service sectors, many of the newest and highest paying jobs are in occupations that have postsecondary skill requirements. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the projected job openings for 2014 indicate that 24 of the 30 fastest growing occupations are among those for which the most significant source of postsecondary education and training is necessary

The main objective of MMTS is to provide Real Time Training as per the requirements of the industry

We have trained the numerous engineering most of them are settled with good packages and in a reputed organizations throughout globe.